The garden of the world    has no limits, except in    your mind ― Rumi  

Leonie Guest - Psychotherapist East Sussex, Hastings & Brighton

In the modern world our lives do not leave time or space for reflection or rest, or to sit in the company of another and feel truly heard and understood. How can we press the pause button and get off the rollercoaster for a moment, to see what's really going on here, to remember what's really important in life; to remember our true selves.

I offer a confidential, warm and safe space to look at these questions, to see what gets in the way of us connecting to the health and joy at the heart of our being. To open up to the much bigger picture of the journey that you are on, and to reconnect you to your place in the family of things.

I just love the way Leonie works as a psychotherapist. I have come to trust her implicitly in ways I have not been able to trust anyone else before. She has safely and skilfully guided me through some dark and difficult territories in myself and I have emerged a much happier and more confident man, able to navigate whatever life may throw at me with much greater ease."

AL, Hastings

Using her experience, natural intuition and training, Leonie offered me a safe environment in which to explore, understand, make peace with and start to release the complex issues stored deep within my body. These issues related to my early childhood trauma which traditional psychotherapy had been unable to access."


JK, Brighton



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