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 Wild  Therapy   
Taking the work outdoors allows us to reconnect to the innate wisdom surrounding us. Nature in itself can be very healing, the dappled sunlight and breeze on our faces, or the sound of birdsong can inspire us and allow us to rest in a deeper stillness: it brings us into deeper connections, both to ourselves and to the environment. Paying attention to where we are, or what we find in response to a particular inquiry is often very pertinent and quite magical. 
 Core Process  Psychotherapy   

Works with awareness to explore the deeper and more subtle aspects which shape your present experience. Through talking, body work, movement, art, dreams and the imagination we can begin to access how your history colours your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself and the world around you. This in depth work requires safety and trust in the relationship and so tends not to be a quick fix, it is transformational, sometimes challenging and deeply rewarding.

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