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Leonie Guest  


I am a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist with 15 years of experience. I have an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute in Devon.  In 2013, I also completed training in Wild Therapy and am now a facilitator of that course.

I have a degree in Human Ecology (BSc hons) and have completed a shamanic training that greatly informs my work. But perhaps the greatest teacher of all was the time I spent living in a tiny Himalayan village an hours walk from the nearest road. Living very basically and close to the land was where my love for the other than human and more than human was forged.


I now live and work in East Sussex and practice from my home in St Leonards-on -Sea. I am also available online via Zoom, Skype and Vsee.


My therapy room is at the bottom of my garden, nestled within the natural world, where birds, squirrels and chickens provide that essential connection.


In my free time you will find me barefoot on the earth, with my head in the clouds, listening to the leaves and the rain and burying myself in leaves. I do try and grow my own veg with varying degrees of success, and I love pottering in the garden with my dog!


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